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News publisher wanted

If someone is intrested to help out with news and arcticles on TWT website, WolfWatch blog and our Discord channels, please let me know.
It´s not required to daily post stuff, but as soon as you catch on any news, you can post them on respective platforms as stated above.
And as usual, real life comes always first.

Desired news categories on TWT:
- Wolf:ET
- RtCW
- ET:Legacy
- Unreal stuff

Desired news categories on WolfWatch:
- all same as on TWT
- also other FPS games

For WolfWatch it´s desirable to have basic knowledge in Wordpress, but not requireble. I will guide you on the right path with that.
Also, you will get the Publisher/editor status on the blog.
For further information, don´t hesitate to contact me.


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