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Interview with Teuthis

New interview with ET Mapper Teuthis, mostly know for ET maps like, Teuthonia Final and Siwa Teuthonia.

Q. Thanks Teuthis for taking time for this interview. How are you?

Thanks a lot for inviting me Ray, I’m doing very well.

Q. Can you tell our readers a bit about yourself?

Sure thing. I’m German and will turn 40 this year. I ´m working as a scientist in a leading position at a large Research Institute. I am actually the vice director of this institute. I am married and have a 9 months old son.

Q. How did you come up with the name Teuthis?
The name originates from the giant squid Architeuthis. With his 10 arms he reminded me a bit on myself playing ET. And I love scuba diving and have seen lots of squids and think they are awesome creatures.

Q. Haven’t seen you for a while with mapping. Been busy elsewhere?
Yes, very busy. We recently bought a house and together with my work and the family this keeps me very busy.

Q. Any new maps in the making? If yes, can you giva a sneakpeak?
Well, I do have some unfinished projects on my desk. There is an unfinished pirate-style map called Tortuga and also a 3rd teuthonia map (Port_Teuthonia).

Q. Teuthonia Final and Siwa Teuthonia were 2 maps out of 3 you had planned and they were all connected togheter somehow? What was the third map?
Correct, the third map is called Port_Teuthonia. The basic idea behind this trilogy is that the story starts with Siwa_Teuthonia, in which the allies have to get access into the village of Teuthonia. In the second map of this trilogy, Teuthonia, the allies have to break into the bank to steal some gold bars (just like in Goldrush). In the third map, Port_Teuthonia, the allies start the map with owning the gold already and and need to bring the gold to a ship. The map then ends when the gold is loaded on the ship and after the anker has been lifted. So one story going over three maps.

Q. Do you make all maps by yourself or are you in coop with someone?
The three maps I published so far have been done essentially by myself. Of course, I had tons of questions down the line and received great technical help from various TWT members, most notable Acqu, Thunder and Mateos.

Q. What motivated you to start making maps?
Uhh, good question. I map for recreational purposes and I think this is my way to escape a bit from my duties in the institute. I love to walk around in what I have created and it’s very rewarding when you can manage to script something that works then the way you want it to work.

Q. How long does it take for you to make a map?
Hard to say, depends on the level of sophistication. Teuthonia was essentially a remake of Goldrush, so not too complicated script-wise. Siwa_Teuthonia was way more difficult to script because we have there entities that are quite special and more complicated. But to answer your question, Teuthonia took me a bit more than a year, Siwa_Teuthonia roughly 6 months and Teutoburg_Forest 4 months. So it seems that I got a bit more efficient over time.

Q. Do you make your own models and prefabs?
I do not make models myself and I could never be half as good as Thunder is. But I make prefabs of every scripted event before I put them in the map. Oherwise I think scripting is going to be a rough uphill battle for every mapper. We need prefabs to know that stuff works before we put them in a map. I also provide most of my prefabs as download on the TWT site. (A remark: The previous TWT site had all the downloads, but it got hacked and all downloads was lost)

Q. When did you start to map?
Uhh, I installed my first level editor on the day I bought my RTCW Game of the Year edition, which was in 2002. I am not sure if we can call this mapping but I can rightfully say that I dropped my first brushes before ET was released in 2003. I was always attracted to make maps since the first day I played the RTCW multiplayer map “Beach Invasion”. Before ET was released in 2003, there was the option that interested player can sign up for some sort of ET beta so I was luckily able to play Fueldump some months before ET was officially released. Back then I already eagerly tried to learn everything about mapping but there were no tutorials available yet. On the day the other maps came I out I remember that I took some days vacation to play ET for 24/7 and I remember well that we all run around having no idea what to do.

Q. How many maps have you made so far?
I released 3 but I made some more. Most of them were very bad, especially at the beginning. It takes a while to understand how the mapping works and how to avoid the pitfalls. I actually never expected that any of my work would ever be released but I sensed after a while that Teuthonia might be interesting for the folks who like Goldrush. The rest then shaped up after Thunder convinced me to join TWT, certainly a great move that finally resulted in 2 more maps, Siwa_Teuthonia and Teutoburg_Forest.

Q. Where do you get your inspiration/ideas for your maps?
Sometimes I see a great prefab and then build a map with this prefab in the center, like the parachute thinggy in Siwa_Teuthonia. After the Goldrush remake I next wanted to make a little Siwa Oasis remake but I wanted this parachute thing (a prefab from RayBan) in there and instead of destroying the AT guns I wanted them to be loaded by the parachute dropped objective and then finally being fired. The Teutoburg_Forest project arose because it was late fall and I also wanted to do a winter map. I then thought about objectives that I never touched so far and came up with this train of Railgun and the 2-stage bridge from Fueldump. Then I decided to make a winter map in which both teams can ride this train and where some gold needs to escorted over such a constructable bridge.

Q. Do you still play ET yourself?
Not that much but I would love to play more in the future.

Q. Have you been a part of some ET clan/community?
Yes, I was part of a clan called “Bad Penguins”. Most folks have probably never heard of it and it doesn’t exist anymore. My clan life was, however, before I went to the USA (where I lived 3 years), this was almost a decade ago.

Q. You also make some waypoints for your maps?
No, I have no idea about waypointing. Luckily, there are still several top class waypointer out there. Native12 or WEB Gangster just to name a few.

Q. You are also an admin for The Wolfteam. What are your duties there?
I just concentrate on making a good impression 🙂 No, seriously, I do my best to keep this community alive but my IT skills (web design, programming etc) are pretty bad. I can manage to handle the radiant and my scripting skills are decent but everything beyond this is where I better call the helpline (or Thunder). I try to make all my work publically available like prefabs, tutorials etc so that others can use them. I also started writing a tutorial series for scripting. It’s called Pro-Scripting and it covers everything I could think of. The various sections can be downloaded on our TWT website.

Q. How do you see the ET scene today?
Many people are still playing this rather old game because of good reasons. Like me, they grew up with this game and love its style, its objective-driven gameplay and its highly-customizable outline. I am sure there will be comparable ET-like games in the future that will keep those folks connected.

Q. Anything you wish that could be added/developed for ET?
Good question. I would love to see ET on another engine with modern graphic but with the gameplay that we all love and wanna keep.

Q. These last months has been very active for some RTCW communities. Any thought on RTCW?
I love RTCW and think we have some extremely talented single player mapper. I am curious about what’s coming there next.

Q. Anything else you would like to share with our readers?
Yes, apart from supporting ETLegacy, I think the new COD WW2 will be quite interesting since the objectives are almost identical to ET.

Thank you for this small interview and hope you still make many maps for us. 🙂

Thanks again and yes, I’m not done here.

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