Call of Duty: WW2 Multiplayer Update Coming

@Sledgehammergames announced a couple of days ago about the forthcoming update for Call Of Duty:WW2   The new update is called Call of Duty®: WWII DLC Map Pack 2 – The War Machine. New MP maps; Dunkirk, Egypt and V2 New MP map for Warmode; Operation Husky New Zombies Chapter       Map briefing of the upcoming new map Egypt.     Here are some of the changes in the Divisions
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85 Prøductions presents RtCWCOOP – Escape! (part 1)

  85 Prøductions has uploaded a Walkthrough of  #RTCWCOOP playing the map Escape (part 1)   Watch the walkthrough below     Source: 85 Prøductions on Facebook

New ET Sniper Map released – [UJE] Classroom sniper

[UJE]Niek released a new sniper map for ET some days ago. This is a crossing map.   The map is in the rotation of [UJE]Clan sniper server.  The IP is:   Here are some screenshots from the map:       Source: [UJE] Clan Website