New Update Release for RtCW Venom Mod – Version 5.4.9

  HellBaron has has released a new update for his RtCW Venom Mod. Below is the changes he has made   -Fixed third person model of venom gun and sten (SP/MP). -Better terrain res.  -New textures, effects and better bullet marks.   Download: RTCW Venom Mod v5.4 (NVIDIA ONLY) RTCW Venom Mod v5.4   Souce: HellBaron on MODDB  

New ET Map: [UJE]Paris

Niek has released his first test version of his map [UJE]Paris. This is a working version and maybe the last version of this objective in this map. Next version of this map will have another objective in it. Map is fully playable ,so have fun.   The Story: The Axis forces are invading Paris this time. They are on their way passing the Seine into the center of Paris where
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Q&A interview with Schnoog

It’s time to publish another Q&A, since it’s been awhile when the last one was published.   This Q&A interview is with Schnoog, manager of Splatterladder and founder of Wolffiles.   Q. Hi Schnoog and thanks for having this interview. Hi Ray, you’re welcome. Thanks for having me. Q. How are you these days? Alot to do? Thanks, fine. Let me say it so. A long time gone since I
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