RealRTCW 3.1 Now Available

RealRTCW 3.1 Now Available

RealRTCW 3.1 is now available on both Steam and ModDB! This is a huge milestone for the mod and for WolfETPlayer personally. Let’s find out what you get in this new version!

RealRTCW 3.1:

RealRTCW 3.1

RealRTCW 3.1 Addons Pack:

RealRTCW 3.1 - Addons Pack

New training level

Previous training map was alright. But it featured so many custom models,sounds and textures, that it inevitably broke the original RTCW art style. This time I decided to use the absolute minimum of custom assets and create a new training level from scrath. I’m pretty satisfied with the results. See you on the firing range!

Beta subtitles support

Thanks to Eugeny, one of the best RTCW coders out there, we were able to bring a proper subtitles support to the game. There still a few rough edges with timing of some phrases, but generally it is working fine.

Overhauled user interface

Thanks to my another collegue from the modding scene – William Faure, we rethinked visual concept of main and in-game menus. We tried to follow the new Wolfenstein games style, without going to far from original.

Venom Mod integration

Author of the Venom Mod Hellbaron,approached me recently and offered his help with a proper integration of graphical improvements featured in his mod, including fancy shaders and detailed textures.

Steam Workshop support (Steam version only)

We were also able to properly integrate Steam Workshop support in the Steam version of RealRTCW. Best community-created maps, fully adapted for RealRTCW are now available on Steam Workshop! Now, you can easily download and rate your favorite maps! Hopefully Steam Workshop integration will bring some new authors into the scene!

I also want to highlight the Steam Workshop release of The Dark Army: Uprising Remastered – a massive modification made by William Faure. It features a new storyline unfolded in the new campaign, with a wide choice of new game modes as well.

There were also a numerous tweaks and minor fixes that improved the overall RealRTCW experience visually and in terms of gameplay. For the full changelog visit files section!

Source: RealRTCW on MODDB


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