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NVIDIA RTX Broadcast Engine Brings Twitch Livestreams to Life with AI

Now this was a pleasent news for Streamers, including me. Might even think about using webcam when this will come out and you don´t have to pull out stuff to make your own greenscreen. Below you can read more what they wrote on nVidia Blog. ” Powered by dedicated AI processors called Tensor Cores on…
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Nvidia plans more ray-traced remasters of PC classics, starting with a game ‘you know and love’

Quake 2 RTX was just the start. Quake 2 with ray-traced graphics was just the start. Nvidia has kicked off a new “remastering program” that will spruce up the visuals of PC classics, starting “with a title that you know and love” but that remains secret for now. The news comes from a job posting at Nvidia’s Lightspeed…
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