Vanguard Normandy 1944 Dev Blog

Vanguard Normandy 1944 Dev Blog

Last week, the developers of Vanguard Normandy 1944 released some updates of the current state of the game and some info about what they are planning.

Since their last update 0.5.9, they´ve been working hard behind the scenes towards the largest content update since the start of Early Access.

Since the launch of the game we have released 9 updates containing 466 changes including huge performance improvements, up to 75% faster loading times, new features, new improved scoring and persistent stats tracking, reworked capture design, expanded maps, custom keybinding support, sound and UI improvements amongst many other changes. Compared to the initial release onto Early Access the game is significantly improved and polished from a lot of hard work and the community’s feedback.

What’s coming next?

Before they talk about what´s coming next, they want to rtalk about the elephant in the room..this has been on their Discord Channel, but not so much in public articles..and that is server population. Frankly, there are not enough players playing the game. Most of the time players turn up and cannot simply join a game in progress to have fun. It’s a problem for the all the players, devs included, when we want to play the game.

What are the plans then for making servers more populated?

The game needs a lot more players so they are planning big, according to their blog. Most importantly they are focusing their energy on a large content update which they plan to release as part of a major event (and promotional discount) and which they will be marketing & advertising heavily. In this way they plan to bring a large influx of new players to the game all at the same time and light up the battlefields with a new fierce intensity.

The new update will bring the first new faction to Normandy since the launch of the game and a brand new map alongside other new content, changes and improvements. For those of you who have been following them since their Kickstarter, you can probably guess who’s boots will be hitting the ground next.

Experience shows that a larger update is more effective than many smaller ones. For that reason alone they are holding back what they have been working on to consolidate into a larger update which they can effectively promote and reach out to more players.

In the meantime though, they will be organizing more community events so existing players can join the devs on the battlefield and they are reaching out to new groups to try the game. They will also be doing more targeted key giveaways to introduce new communities to the game.

What else are they doing – can YOU help?

In recent weeks they have overhauled their localisation of the game to allow them to expand support to more languages beyond English, French, Spanish, German, Norwegian & Swedish.

They want the game to be accessible to as many players as possible and they are therefore looking for help from the community to expand their language support and to improve their existing translations. No technical knowledge is required only language skills. (sorry Google Translate or Bing does not count).

If you are interested please drop them a message either via the forum thread or on their new official #localisation discord channel

Source: Vanguard Normandy Comnmunity Forum

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